Motvale, town of hate

Boycott Montvale New Jersey, Town of Hate

Montvale NJ is a borough located in Bergen County. Home to numerous businesses, including Sharp, Benjamin Moore,  Ingersoll Rand, Wegmans, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Davey’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, Perfect Limo Service, Inc., CrossCountry Mortgage, Pentax, and KPMG, it’s also a headquarters for hate.

That means Montvale is not a good place to spend your money. It’s not a good place to work. It’s not a good place to live. It’s not somewhere you want to raise children, visit, or hold a wedding. It’s a place where hatred is okay.

The Problem

In 2022, soon after illegally removing financial records from the local Episcopal church, St. Paul’s, Montvale residents began a campaign of harassment aimed at the members and rector of the parish. This includes:

  • Picketing
  • Threatening behavior.
  • Numerous false and defamatory statements about the church and its rector, including claims that the latter is mentally ill.
  • Ugly anti-LGBTQ hate speech.

Who’s Involved

Lots of folks in Montvale are involved. Even persons with no connection to the church, including Joseph Wahler, a local contractor, have joined in. And while the protestors who regularly appear outside St. Paul’s are quick to point out that Wahler is not part of their group, they have refused to denounce his conduct.

Worse still, a variety of local businesses are connected with this campaign of hate. These include:

Persons connected with this campaign of hate include:

  • Steven Hopper
  • Dawn Hopper
  • Ree Hopper
  • Jeff Piatt (owner of Montvale Landscaping, illegally removed church financial records)
  • Joseph Wahler
  • Anne Bosch
  • Kim Ritchie and daughter
  • Beth Harris Abrahamson (illegally removed church financial records)

Even the Catholic church, which has ties to Wahler, has ignored calls to denounce this ugly rhetoric.

The Solution: Boycott!

It’s time for people to join together to denounced hatred and abuse. This includes:

  • Fortune 500 companies with business activities in Montvale.
  • Travelers and tourists.
  • Persons opposed to hate.
  • Faith communities.
  • Wedding couples.

Anyone else who values inclusion, fairness and integrity.

We therefore ask for a boycott of all local businesses until they renounce hatred, homophobia, and bullying. If you or your company already do business with these persons or businesses, we ask you to consider carefully whether you want to give financial support to hate. It may be best to end any existing contracts and instead do business with companies/individuals whose conduct reflects favorably on you and your business.

What to Ask

Please contact Montvale mayor Mike Ghassali by email and demand that he say no to hate.


We’ll post updates and additional resource. Hopefully people in Montvale soon will realize that this group of haters is hurting the entire community.

Sign our Petition

Finally, please sign our petition on That way, you can tell the Chamber of Commerce and Montvale mayor Mike Ghassali that we reject hate, and they need to do the same.